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I respectfully disagree. I was using the instructional element as a way to qualify the point but if there's a hard stand to be made on it I believe that there really is no acceptable time that a fly should touch any part of you or your clothing, period.

Having a maneuverable craft below you only increases the options as others with boats have pointed out. I've run boats a lot until just recently when I sold my last one, and in very hairy conditions particularly the north pacific coast for feeder salmon. Those rips would make anything south of the maritimes look mild, in fact they are on lattitude with the maritimes. Setting up is an option that a boat offers that the shore does not.

Change of direction is made with intermediate false casts when overhead or by angular positioning of the line on the water or in the air (e.g. snake roll, Spey casts) and never require a collision. Spey casts do it in one movement with no risk. Hence investigating some of these options is very much an option as is moving the boat.

I do agree completely that eye protection is smart, believe me. I will post some pics of eye injuries one of these days, if you all can stomach them (my brother is an eye surgeon who has dealt with many eye injuries from fishing).

I also agree that in the heat of the moment we do silly things. However I can't accept that these are correct and acceptable, they are in fact IMHO dumb and dangerous and it does well to refine safe tactics in your pursuit of the "Art of Casting".

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