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Well, we did fish NB over the weekend to no avail on salmon. Not sure that we even saw any although the bait guys are picking up a few. Conditions were difficult as wind and fog conspired to make seeing much of anything difficult. Did see a few bait balls but no salmon in them. Mostly "firecracker" herring which bodes well for future supply.

I do hold out hope for some kind of season though. The reds were a couple of weeks late into Lake Washington, the spring kings in the Colombia were late and I am hearing that most other runs of salmon are late as well. The guys that made it out to Swiftsure earlier in the week saw large schools here and there on the surface. We were told that there were good numbers of surface feeding salmon just off Wadda on Saturday but of course we blew by that spot so we could fish in the fog and wind.

Right now it looks like the season will last through August or at least most of it. They have even opened the season to 7 days a week.

We will be back on station this weekend so if you see the Whaler stop buy to say Hi. We will be on channel 68 and respond to "trout bum".

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