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The pinnacle of dealing with crosswind is to become ambidextrous. Having observed both Jim and Craig they know the type of comments and compliments I've given them on this feat as I am truly impressed.

With the two-hander I am quite adept at off-handed casting (left in my case), also fluent with all my Spey casts offhand; but I must admit that in SWFF situations I use a backhand partial cross-body cast almost 100% with the single hander in salt & wind rather than refine my left-hand skills. But it remains a goal for a number of reasons.

Jim speaks the truth about the off hand teaching the dominant hand (and the mind). Learning to cast lefty on the Spey rod was like having a personal tutor it was amazing how much it revealed about casting... to me! I do practice regularly offhand, although I can't say I'm fully there with the single hander like Jim and Craig.

Perhaps because my "cack-handed" single hand overhead solution is refined over years of practice and is an effective weapon. This is diff.erent than a standard cross-body cast in that the thumb does not push the rod. Instead the butt of the rod presses against the inside of the forearm which forces the rod to bend more on the power stroke. It throws a very powerful cast and with a positive stop a very tight loop into wind.

One benefit of this backhanded type of cast is that it dramatically increases your backcasting power, which helps your forehand casting significantly when the wind turns around.

However I do feel it's important to become adept at offhand casting to be a good instructor (which was the initial motivation for my offhand Spey study) and practice offhand single-hand casting regularly regardless of how I fish. I hope this practice leads to the ability to surpass my current backhand solution in hard wind situations someday.

I think I will take a first step by applying it more in fishing this season.
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