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Originally Posted by flyjunky
Our country is run by big business and the medical business is one of the biggest. Who do you think pays for a the testing and gives grant money for almost all of the research into diseases? Yep, pharmecuetical companies. So, when you read research on specific diseases please take it with a grain of salt. If these drugs are doing such a great job then why do the numbers for heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc. keep going up year after year?
I appreciate most of your insightful post, but this portion is misleading in a number of ways.

Of course pharmaceutical companies are funding a lot of medical research. They are shelling out their own monies to do this. I'm not sure what you mean by taking research with a grain of salt. Anything published in a medical journal undergoes the scrutiny of peer review and is picked apart ad nauseum before being made available to the public. Clinical trials are picked apart even more by the FDA, and there are at least three levels of trials that must be passed before a company can even apply for a BLA for the drug. If the drug goes through this much scrutiny and passes muster, why must we take research with a grain of salt? Your insunuation that there are other agendas is incorrect.

Why do the numbers of heart attacks, strokes, and cancers keep increasing? There are a multitude of factors at play with each one of these medical conditions, and another multitude of factors that are unique to each individual patient. We can also add the fact that the world's population continues to grow, and therefore provides more opportunities for these diseases to occur.

You have chosen to ask about the top three killers, and there's a reason that they are the top three killers: they are complex diseases that have both genetic predispositions and behavioral components. If you think that there are companies out there that have found cures for these diseases and are just sitting on them so that they can milk patients for prescription money, then you live in a very jaded world. Cures for these diseases would result in billions of dollars for the companies that found them, and since you've insinuated that money is what drives pharmaceutical companies, then it would only be in their best interests to divulge such discoveries. As it is, there are many drugs available to help manage and/or prevent these diseases, and they have been made available as soon as possible after discovery and proving in clinical trials.

I could go on, but I'll leave it at that. Again, I'm thankful for the other portions of your post, particularly regarding nutrition, but in regards to pharmaceuticals, I respectfully suggest that you are off target.
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