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It's all about the lifestyle we choose...

and how important it is for us to stay healthy for as long as possible. We all know that exercise is important for the body, that is just an accepted fact.

Now when it comes to diet things get a little more dicey. Many people think they can get everything they need from their diet, and that is true if you want to try and help prevent scurvy and rickets. How many people do you know that are still dying of these infectious diseases today? We are dying of degenerative diseases, and in order to give ourselves the best chance of fighting these we need to look away from the RDA recommendations on food and start looking at the optimum daily allowances of intake. The surgeon general stated that 67% of all diseases are caused by a bad diet and not getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals in our diet, along with even the equally important anti-oxidants is a major factor. The optimum daily allowances are far, far greater than the those old standards of the RDA. I have literally read hundreds and hundreds of studies conducted throughout the world that show without a doubt what a diet using optimum daily allowances does for the prevention of degenerative diseases.

Our country is run by big business and the medical business is one of the biggest. Who do you think pays for a the testing and gives grant money for almost all of the research into diseases? Yep, pharmecuetical companies. So, when you read research on specific diseases please take it with a grain of salt. If these drugs are doing such a great job then why do the numbers for heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc. keep going up year after year? Our doctors are not trained in helping to prevent these diseases they are trained to diagnose and then write a prescription or schedule a surgery. I'm not bashing on Dr's one bit, that's just the way they are taught. My mother is a Dr. and she will flat out agree with me. Medicine these days is about prescribing drugs and cutting people up, that's how they make the money, plain and simple. We are not getting to the root cause of the problem and instead just applying a bandage.

Now, before you run out to the local grocery, or health food store to get your vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants please do some research. The stuff you buy at any store is most likely worthless. You see, the vitamin and minerals are guided by the FDA and there are NO strict guidelines for product, they are manufactured according to food grade guidelines, not pharmecuetical guidelines. The FDA states that the product only needs to have 10% of what's on the label actually in the product!!!!! Not only that, but they can also have things in the product that isn't on the label. Hence, the anti-doping committee for the olympics banning all athletes from taking supplements. You see, many athletes were taking supplements to help them recover and stay healthy for training purposes but some of them were testing positive when actually all they were taking were health supplements. They found that many of the products had banned substances in them even though they were not listed on the label. Now, only a few supplement companies are approved for use with athletes because these few companies, VOLUNTARILY, comply with pharmecuetical standards not the FDA standards. I won't get into how much the potency, ratios, and bio-availability of off the shelf stuffs affects their abilty to work in the body but please just do some research on the stuff you take.

Sorry for the rant everyone but this has become one of my passions. I quit a career of 13 years and went into helping people with their nutritional needs, it's just so much more fulfilling. I just like everyone else reading this wants to give their body the best nutrition we can in order to enjoy the things we love so much. The more you read the more scared you'll be about what we lack in our diets. The bright side is that the more you read the more you'll understand that we can do so much to help prevent these diseases that are so rampant in our world.

If you would like more information on what you should be taking please feel free to pm or email me. I'm only 32 years old but for the past 2 years I've been doing all I can to help myself down the road. I want to be able to wade the rivers and cast my spey for as long as I can and I will do anything I can to help others get what they want from their health.

Take care everyone,
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