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Originally Posted by worstcaster
I got an idea from a magazine to use PVC pipe and cap it at both ends for a cheap homemade rod case. The case is very durable. Today I was trying to get to an area on the Pepacton Resevior that looked like I could flu cast from shore. Since I had not been down to that section before, I took the wrong way in. I had to climb along side of a very steep bank and at a few points actually have to use the fly case as a walking stick. I reached a point where I had to climb verifaclly for a few feet, so I tossed the case to the top so I could use both hands. The heard the case rolling followed by a splash. Lucky for me one of the other advantages of the PVC rod case is that it floats!
I've been using them for years. They work great including on two russian trips. Of course the airlines again managed to lose the case on return from my recent trip to Russia. This is the third time the airlines have lost my rods on a fly away fishing vacation and last I heard they want to send them from JFK back to Sweden - unbelievable. Couple that with all the other hassles they've put me through over the years and it sometimes makes me wonder if these trips are worth it. Airline hassle could be a thread in itself.
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