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Thats the one.

Now double up the overhand with a 'weave', and instead of using a simple clinch use either a nail knot with the tag over the mainline (easy with a double end needle) or tie the uni-knot to tie my proposed "improved" non-slip.

Or as many do if you have confidence in the standard non-slip stick with that. My experience has been less than acceptable when compared to the palomar when it comes to strength and durability but clearly others have a different view. I'll be able to do some industry testing in August to see which knots are scientifically stronger FWIW.

Millions still use the clinch and swear by it although it's clearly a weaker knot.

I'll still only use a loop in a small percentage of situations. When it comes to striper fishing, bonefishing, or other venues I can (and have) stood side by side with friends who are using a loop and I've caught as many or more fish with a fixed palomar knot and never feel it's the knot making a difference. Movement at the knot is just one tiny element of the angler's puzzle and I am not convinced it's all that critical with most flies that have active materials and designs.

Examples of flies where it might make a noticeable difference to fish are nylon braid body flies (which I never use due to stiffness), jiggy flies, hard poppers that ride stiff and those gummy sluggo imitations (I've never tried them so that's a guess).

Examples of flies where it probably makes very little are marabou, long materials, loop eye flies designed for fishing under current tension (e.g. turled), obviously tube flies, or essentially any fly that has a lot of resistance to push a lot of water due to the static tension that the bulk will create thus over-riding any freedom at the head.

Anyway I am very curious to see how our own knots fare in real testing machines.
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