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Another beginner with questions...


I am not a beginning fisherman, just a fly-fisher. I have been fly-fishing for 3 years, but it is just cheap outfit (Wal-Mart) with poppers for bluegills. I want to bump up my gear. Instead of my cheap wal-mart rod (8' 5/6 weight), I am thinking about getting a Cortland rod that is 9' and 5/6 weight. I like the feel of it and it is only $40.

How often should I clean the fly line?
I know I need backing, and fly line, but I have just used a short section of monofilament to use as a leader, what should be before my fly line (tippet, leader)?
What are some good flies (besides poppers) that are good for small warmwater species (bass, bluegill, crappie)?

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