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RE:So I'm an idiot....

Yesterday on Jeff and Tery's awesome Adventure I had a huge birdnest. It developed from a 25-30 MPH wind that made the line just about unmanageable on the boat, so I don't feel so bad. We had other rods but they were unusable in the fierce wind. Our guide Art sets us up on the perfect drift and a half acre of pounding fish surround the boat. As I look down and waste the whole time unravaling my worst ever bowl of spaghetti, all I hear is: SPLASH, SPLASH, BIRDS, BIRDS, SPALSH, SPLASH, "Hey Jeff, you on again?" "Yup", "Wow, look at that one" "They're everywhere all around us!" SPLASH, SPALSH...well you get the point. All heard while staring at a flyline knot.

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