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bad day at Neah

Dick and I had a rough day at Neah on Tuesday -- about 6 hours on the water and just a couple of bottom fish to show for it. And we spent most of our time dragging plug cut herring around. There appeared to be extremely low numbers of salmon on the inside, and even the black rockfish were scarce around the kelp beds. The only fish we took home was a fly caught black rocker... we hooked ZERO salmon. We also heard rumors that there were salmon offshore, but there was an 8 foot swell outside the west entrance, so we poked around out there until it got too rough. We also saw a fair number of birds and signs of herring, but nothing like it was 2, 3 and 4 summers ago. Some friends fished on a charter boat and they ended up with 3 silvers for 14 anglers after fishing all over the inside waters and some outside as well.

Maybe all this offshore wind has cooled the ocean and cranked up the productivity in the nearshore, but for the small boat angler I'd wait for the winds and seas to drop down so you can comfortably hunt around out there.

On both the drive out and drive back Sekiu looked like a ghost town, I guess the salmon fishing has been extremely slow there too.
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