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RE:So I'm an idiot....

I can definitely relate through goofiness on my part in similar situations. Ever put the fight on hold while you fished out a camera for an action shot, giving a keeper-sized striper enough slack to spit it? Ask GregO about dropping 30-32" fish at the end of the rod as recently as the clave. Premature admiration is a reason I lose a lot of fish. I've adopted the mantra "fish first, photo second".

Definitely maturity on your part, not idiocy... and the silver lining is that you will always posess the ability to produce an unlimited number of beachglass silversides with your own fingers, and your awareness of the game will continue to heighten for life. That's what makes the real 'old-timers' as excited as the young bucks every time they pull their boots on.

Get him next time!
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