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About 10 days of trying and I can now hold the "L" position - suspending the legs off the floor perpendicular to the body.

Also putting these things close together really works a totally different set of muscles than putting them apart.

Also picked up a 'ab wheel' - a small wheel with handles, which I think ran me about $8. However that thing is still getting the better of me!

What does this all have to do with fishing? Well the other day I forgot the sunblock in the parking lot about a mile away from where I was. It was going to be a long hot day and with all the guiding I've been doing over the last several years protecting my skin is no trivial matter. I am seeing the effect of the sun's radiation on my skin in several ways. So I ran to the truck, then ran back. Because I wasted so little time I got more fishing in. Also if I preserve my health I will fish for many years into my retirement, which is a goal of mine. Health means more fishing today, and tomorrow
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