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My 6'6" four piece Superfine is the go to rod for small stream fishing as well. I a 6-6 3wt St Croix Avid, which is club compaired to the Orvis rod. It is the only Orvis rod I own but man it is is nice.

If you are well healed, Sage TXL rods are real nice casters as well. The fly shop I frequent is a Sage dealer & he lets me use his 00 wt txl 7 footer demo rod from time to time. What a sweet brookie rod. (I have pulled in a 14 incher with it no problem). I imagine the 3 & 4 wts cast just as nice as the Superfines.

I imagine the rest of the makers make a slower action 3 or 4 wt that would fit the bill nicely as well. These are the three rods I have experience with
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