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Here in Arizona most every stream is small and small rods are a fact of flyfishing life if you're not on a lake. Its a ton of fun to catch even 1/2 to 1 lb trout on these rods!

I would like to second what Teflon said about the Orvis Superfines, they are wonderful rods. Orvis has several models and one that will fit your needs. The slower action makes them deadly accurate casters up close. I wish I hadn't sold my 6'6" 2 wt, 2 piece Superfine!

But I now have two small 3 weights that work beautifully as well. The first is a G. Loomis GL3, 6'6", 3 weight, 2-piece that is simply great for small brush-filled streams or fly fishing for bluegills and crappie. Unfortunately, G. Loomis has discontinued this size. They can be found on ebay however. I have a now discontinued Ross Colorado size '0' click and pawl reel on it which looks great and compliments the rod perfectly.

The other rod I HIGHLY recommend is the G. Loomis Metolius, 7 ft, 3 wt, 3-piece "Presentation" action fly rod. I also have one of these and it is awesome. It casts beautifully to about 40-50 ft, or perhaps a bit more, but is superbly accurate at close distances and a real delight to use. I love this rod! A bonus is it's beautiful to look at. I have an Orvis CFO I disc drag reel on it (drag not needed however, especially at this weight) that is a perfect match. By the way, I recommend using the smallest reels on 3 wts, even though the reels may be rated for 0-3 wts. They balance better and usually will hold up to 50 yds of 20 lb backing with a WF3F line, which is MORE than enough. If you can find a tiny click and pawl, it makes for a perfect match with these tiny rods. The "clicker" reels are getting tougher to find, but you can still buy light ones from TFO (TFO I) and you can still find CFO and Ross Colorado clickers on ebay. Of course, Hardy still makes them, but theirs are really expensive.

Well, good luck, hopefully you will find the setup you desire!

Zugbugz - Arizona
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