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it's all good

The little mrs wasn't too upset
To be honest by the time we got back to our cabin that finger was about 3x's it's normal size and the ring was coming off even if I had to chew it off! The owner of the place was more nervous than anyone he held the ring w/ vise grips while I cut. Not to many guys get to cut off there wedding rings on there honeymoon.

I think your right about the ring although my Dr. back home said I better wait a while before getting it resized. He also said I did a great job setting it then followed with "better lucky than good"

Optimism, well I've been through the ringer enough to know you make the best of it if you possibly can. I'm not a thrill seeker but a little adventure is good for the soul. Hell, I could have easily gotten caught under the horse it was close.

Trip's, well that kayak trip you guy's were planning sure sounds interesting!!!

And yes that Jack was awesome!!! could almost see the end of my backing till I got him turned around. This was my first real saltwater trip w/ a flyrod so that fish was extra special. The permit was cool too at least I know I can make the cast when it counts.

thanks for all the good advise can't wait to give it another shot!... Andros?mmm
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