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Originally Posted by slipangle
I may be in the minority here. I just ordered a Scott S3S. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Scott STS lover. I have a 9 weight STS and a 10 weight and love those rods and I can't for the life of me understand why they discontinued that great rod. I live on Cape Cod where you can always count on one thing; the ever-present wind. Last year, I got a Sage Xi2 because I heard they were great rods. I don't know why Sage and most web sites rate this as a fast action rod. Some even rate it a VERY fast rod. To me, the Xi2 is somewhat of a wimpy rod, at least when it comes to fishing here on the Cape, in the wind. The tip is just too darned soft. I may be jaded because the Scott STS is a very stiff rod with a progressive taper and never seems to collapse when you have 70 feet of line up in the air, a big Deceiver or Clouser tied on and a 15 knot wind blasting you in the face. The Xi2 in these conditions? Forget it. The 9 weight Xi2 just doesn't seem to have the punch to me. You want to throw a size 6 Crazy Charlie to a bonefish? I think the 8 weight Xi2 might be the ideal rod. They ARE very sensitive rods, with good feel. But if you're fishing seriously heavy flies and shooting heads or the Airflo 40 plus saltwater line in the surf, you can't beat a Scott rod in my opinion. Here is another tid bit. The fly shop dealer where I ordered my S3S told me the Xi2 is the Sage rod they return to Sage the most often..... for breakage. I've never broken a rod, because I know how to avoid it, but....Just FYI. I ordered the Scott S3S 909-3 without even casting it...I'm that confident in Scott rods. By the way, I DID land the biggest striper I've ever caught, a big shouldered 35 inch Lady, on the Xi2 and it handled the fish very well. OK.
Great post, Fast rods are fine with floating lines in the wind. But, the dirty little secret of the rodmaking world is fast is not always powerful. I owned and sold a Winston B II 9' 10 Wt. It was a great rod with floating lines but it folded with a big sinking head. And this criticism is from a person who LOVES green Rods. The old XTR feels much slower in the hand but is much more POWERFUL. And your right about the old Scott STS I own a 9' 8wt., That was one of the finest saltwater series ever.

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