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hey all. i am a beginner fly fisherman, fishing the streams in western new york. i have been teaching myself how to cast... and not scare the fish away. it took me a few day long trips to actually catch a fish, but i am slowly getting the hang of it. i would get some casting lessons, but i am a poor dental student living off student loans (i was barely able to afford a flyfishing outfit). so here's my story. i went to east coy creek, and fished a mile long section. i noticed that i was wading through some pretty muddy sections, but it didn't bother me too much (i don't have waders, so i wear mesh swimming shoes and swim trunks). i caught two small browns, and decided to walk back to my truck. so i drove over to cattaragus creek, where i had some pretty good luck, and caught the fish that is pictured in my avatar, among others. i made it back to my truck a little after 9pm, and pulled off my shoes to put on my flip flops. there it was... a big fat leech on my foot . i figured that i got it in the east koy, about 6 hours earlier. i pulled it off. as i was driving home, i noticed that my foot was sticky... i bled all over my floormat. the wound healed up in about 3 days, and just looked like an old bug bite. about a week and a half later, my foot blew up, swollen, red, pus filled, and painful. i went to the doc and sure enough it was infected. the doc told me that after a leech bite, you can retain some mouthparts in your skin, and along with the leeches gut bacteria and wearing shoes all day, can cause an infection. she also told me that i shouldn't go wading until it is totally healed . i am on antibiotics now, and the infection is clearing up. so long story short... watch out for leeches! sorry for the long winded story, but i thought i'd let you all know to check yoursleves for leeches!
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