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Another way to tie this or other parachute flies in by using the hackle stem(s) as the hackle post. To do this: 1) strip the web from the butt of the hackle (don't cut or break off these bare stems); 2) tie in the hackle so there is only a very short section of stem before the hackle fibers begin; 3) stand the hackle butt up with a few wraps of thread at its base; 4) wrap the hackle around its own stems; 5) tie the hackle off; and 6) put a drop of flexible cement (such as Flexament) on the stems about the wrapped hackle, this locks the hackle in place). Then all you do is cut off the hackle stems slightly above where the hackle is wrapped.

This technique allows you to tie parachute flies with woodduck flank wings, mallard flank wings, teal flank wings, or duck or goose quill wings. Heck it even work very well to tie a wingless mayfly spinner imitation. I'll have to get my wife to take pictures of me doing it and then post a step-by-step of the technique in the next week or so.
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