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Eleuthera Newbie

Hello all!
Just wanted to say hello to all, and figured i would give a report to start off with
I just found this forum, and really wished I had found it a couple of months ago before my trip to eleuthera...Here is how it went down...I really did not do much exploring, as once I found a flat that had fish i stuck with it till I fooled em!!! I went down 6-7 till 6-11...

I arrived wednesday evening to the rain, my spirits were down as the weather report was not looking good for my stay. After supper my dad i believe noticed my down spirit and told me to grab a rod. With a borrowed 8wt (mine broke a couple of days before the trip) in hand we were out the door to a nearby beach (ten bay)...low and behold there are a couple of schools of 30-40 fish all between 2-3lbs...good times, and i had enough time to sneak in 2 before the sun and mosquitos set. Here is my first bonefish ever! I was slightly stoked!!!!

and the release

clouds and rain were the forecast for the next few days...but that wasnt going to slow us down. We drove south and found a break in the weather and found a flat and we just had to wait on the tide to come is my dad waiting for the bones and tide come in

here I am doing the same

ended up that day seeing probably 100 bones mostly doubles and singles...this is the place they were ultra spooky...had 2 fish take decent looks at mine and my dads presentations...guess they had seen what we were offering before :dooh:

The sunset that evening was next to none, here are a couple

I showed up one morning to one of the flats, and all I could see were tails and backs of bones!!! I could not believe it! it was the most tailing fish of any kind i have ever seen! but once again these bones were super spooky and didnt want any of the classic offerings...

It took me a couple of days but i finally caught a couple from this area. it was fun casting to bones while i was anke deep in water! The last morning I was there I decided to throw my 3wt...i got 2 to eat, missed the hook set on one and caught the other 2-3lbs on the 3wt!!!!!

swimming away

Then the winds really kicked up so i grabbed the 6 wt and started looking for more tails...I got in an area where i had spooked a couple just a bit before and decided to just wait, i waited about 2 minutes and had 2 good bones coming at me with tails and fins in the air! lead the fish by probably 25' and I get another to eat! after running around a couple of conch piles i bring it in, and to my delight he was a solid 5lber...

and sweet release

that was it for me...I did find some really cool places to fish in the future that i dont think get hit as hard...I talked to a few people that were down that had limited success and had a hard time with some of the same places i fished...

cant wait to go back!!!!!
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