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Atlantic Salmon Fly of the week – Surface Stone Fly – with step by step

First tied by Lee Wulff in 1951, this fly has proved to be an extremely affective fly for Atlantic Salmon. It has gone through some changes since that time. Wulff’s original flies were made from molded plastic, a process he had patented. Not to be daunted by such silly things as a patent, inventive fly tiers devised other methods of creating this fly for there fishing. The one listed below is one of the more popular methods of making this fly, but by no means the only.

Hook: Low water single or double.
Tag: flat silver tinsel
Body: bright green floss
Wing: black bear tied flat across the body
Post: Bent strait pin
Hackle: Silver badger

Tying this fly is not difficult, however, there are some things you need to pay attention to make it come out good. The first item is the post for the parachute hackle. This is most commonly made from a strait pin with a yellow bead head although there are other methods. With a pair of needle nose pliers bend the pin at a 90 degree angle about an 8th of an inch from the bead head of the pin. Then use a pair of dikes to cut off about half the remainder of the pin. Use a stone or file to grind down the sharp edges on the end of the pin so they do not cut your thread when you tie it to the hook.
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