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RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter

You don't talk about jinxes (until they're over), cause it only makes it worse. But last season I never caught a fish from my own boat (spin or fly), but others did. I'm happy to report that that jinx is over. We picked up some embarassingly small bass. Although, the fly guy in the other boat landed a fish so small I thought he was live-linig bait. With these small fish the fly was more productive than lures, they're probably feeding on small silversides.

Al brings up a good point about shore access around there. There are No Parking signs all over the place and to get to the best spots you have to cut accross private property. And those property owners DO call the cops, but I've been kicked out of nicer places :->} .

Bigcat how did you make out on the floating dock?

For the sake of Terry's Clave I hope we get some warm weather this week & I hope the next migrating wave of Stripers have some size to them.

As far as waters temps go, my humminbird was showing 52 in the bay & 51 out near Hogs I. But I don't know exactly how accurate my unit is. I should add that I wanted to make a wide-open run with my boat to blow everything out (stablizer). We ran from MMA down past Hogs I. & then came back slower, we marked some fish on the edge of the canal at about the 3rd green can west of the Patriot state. There's a nice rip there where a 6' bar drops off to about 35'. On a west flowing tide you can anchor up on the bar & fish the edge; you're technically NOT fishing in the canal (as that is illegal). I mention this because the next time I fish will probably be in Dennis. So, if you have boat access to upper B-Bay that is where I would try next. This is a good early season spot for 20-25" liners. Good luck.
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