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RE:Scorton Creek all-nighter

Just fished Electric Ave beach (my night fishing cravings are not yet sated). Saw many a maurading schoolie. Failed to catch one, but good to see signs of life. Lots of bait moving through the area.

I was too tired this morning to mention how much fun I had last night. The drive to Sesuit alone was an adventure. At Scortons I saw all manner of interesting critters in the water. Rock crabs, sand eels, huge silver sides (for this time of year) and far off, in the creek delta, there was a loon.

A loon's call is a wonderful sound to me. It lilts over the cold air like something elemental, born of loneliness and bald faced hope. Last night it kept me fixed in the spot I was in and kept my mind from visiting places I was not. The outgoing tide, me, and the loon. We three stared eternity in the face and tried hard not to blink.

I first learned of loon song in Ontario, in the far reaches of Lake Temagami. At the time, I thought only Canadian loons could bore such a straight path to my soul. But last night, I discovered Cape Cod loons do just as well. Thank God winter is over.

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