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The New Guy...

Hey there everyone,

I, like all of you before me, have discovered the amazing sport of fly fishing. I am not a novice in the sport, but am also by no means an expert. My exprience in the world of fly fishing consists of around 4 or so outings with friends, and a proffessional guide or two down the eagle river in colorado.

I know most of the basics to fly fishing and am finally looking to buy a rod of my own. All of my fishing (for now) will be done in the Northwest, mainly Oregon, but also Colorado and California. I am looking for a nice rod and reel (only one for now, heh) I was thinking probably a 6 weight. I was hoping that you guys could recommend some good rods/reels to me, keeping the price around $800 or so.

I was also wondering what the difference between a 2 peices, 3 peice, 4 piece is. Obviously I know its the number of pieces the rods disassembles into, but I was wondering what the pros and cons (if there are any at all) of a 4 piece vs a 2 piece. Lastly, does the height of the rod matter at all?

Thanks much guys,
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