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Different Spey Rod

Took a spey class last weekend and learned a lot. One of things I learned was that my current rod was a poor choice to learn with. Current rod is 11' 9" 6/7 Scott Arc. As a lefty, I had a terrible time figuring out the single spey with my right hand dominant. Double spey with left was fine, snake roll with left was OK, snap T, either way forget it ( I can't dance either). Single left and double right was Ok as well.

When I used a heftier stick- say 14' 9 wt I had a much easier time with all of my casts, the consensus being that my smaller rod required an awful lot of precision in timing that I as a newbie just didn't have yet.

Finally, I am also going to be salmon fishing at least twice more this year and think I will need a heftier stick ( Penobscot and Margaree, I hope). Looking for suggestions, I am leaning towards 14' 9 wt.

All thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, what I did learn and could do was a left single and double with single handed rod, how slick.
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