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My wife and I fished out of Neah for 3-7 July. We found a few salmon but it was very slim pickings. About the same as last year at this time and infinitely fewer fish than 2 and 3 years ago.

Part of the issue probably related to the incredibly small tide changes. The lack of currents seem to make it harder to locate salmon. We didn't see much to speak of out at Swiftsure either. We did a lot of running around (~50-60 miles each day) and we did not 1 time see any salmon on the surface. It is normal to see that fairly frequently along with birds etc. We did see a number of active bait balls that were herded up by diving ducks so it seems like the bait situation is better than last year.

Still, relatively few salmon at the docks and according to the fish counters. We spent much of our time playing with Lings down the coast.

We also didn't encounter a single other flyfisher this year. Last year there were a bunch of us fly jokers out there over the 4th.

I intend to return in a couple weeks. I'm somehow encouraged about the salmon. Probably because of all the bait we saw.


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