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When I was there in October a couple of years back the fishing was spotty but when it was good it was awesome.

For Blue Water from a boat , stout is definitely better if there are any tunoids about - and there probably will be..They always end up under the boat and with 1200ft of depth to play with you'll appreciate a bit of lifting power. I would suggest 12wt minimum (I carry a 13-15 Loomis GL3 that is surprisingly easy to cast). Expect to see a few sailfish and possibly striped Marlin. This is definitely not finesse fishing

From shore your options are more varied. In fact your 8wt would be fine for the smaller Jacks & ladyfish. If the Sierra mackerall are in they are a blast from the beach. If you're looking to target Roosters then a double hander would be my choice. They move pretty fast and you'll probably only get one shot and it could be long-range.

For flies the Sardina is "king". Bob's article has a nice pattern.
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