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RE:Saltwater Tippet Question

Gentlemen (a loosely used term),

Thanks for all your replies.

Juro of course wins the "most technically complete" answer.

The "Pope" for the response of KISS.

Terry - Josko's right, once you get the hang of it, a guy like me with 2 left hands can tie a bimini, use your big toe & not your knee for smaller loops. Of course, then any of the fish you catch will probably wind up with athletes foot of the mouth.

Sully, Sully, Sully... I thought I did that body piercing on a monster that was definitely a 250# ladyfish!

I guess I have evolved from the need to catch as many fish as possible to the need to catch the big ones. I wsa most intertested to learn of the number of fly rodders whose opinoins I cvalue that use 20#.

Guess what I'm picking up tonight?

Thanks again.

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