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RE:Saltwater Tippet Question


I prefer the "keep it simple approach" when it comes to my leaders and connections. I do almost the same thing that Gregg does in that I nail knot a 3 foot section of 40 to 50 lb mono to my fly lines. From there I place a surgeon's loop at the end and then place a 3 foot section of 20 lb furocarbon to that with a loop. In the 4 years I have been using this set-up, I have never lost a fish due to these connections. I do adjust the tippet material poundage and length depending on conditions (size of fish, wind, depth, etc..).
My goal with these connections is to be able to put it together and then basically not worry about it. It is very easy and quick to add or change leaders and you should really only have to carry a couple of spools of tippet with you while on the water.

As far as the connection to the fly, I have used both clinch and loop knots. I prefer the loop knot and try to use it all of the time ....

As far as the "old" tippet material, I have heard that if your material is over a year old, you are "supposed" to discard it. I have used tippet (12 to 20 lb) that has been in my gear bag for 2 years with no problem. BUT, that could be the frugal me coming thru
.... I am sure there is some facts out there that show the decline of strength of tippet material over time......Not sure where to track it down, though..........I will see what I can find......

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