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RE:Saltwater Tippet Question

Well, a bimini may look funny to tie, but it's pretty quick and durned useful once you get the hang of it. But, it has no place on a fly leader unless you're trying for one of those IGFA records. For NE coastal leaders, I use 60-20-20, as well, but switch from a 40# to a 50# butt if the fly is fouling on me. That tends to open up the loop at the end of the cast, and brings the fly around more slowly. I rarely fish less than 20# test from shore, but then I tend not to go for schoolies. Can't really turn a big fish away from a rock with 12# tippet.
I've also gotten to looking at my blood knots with a loupe. Lets of times I find crossed strands which I'd never see with the naked eye. Invariably, they break and are worth retying.
I believe in fluorocarbon for hardtails and tropical fish, but still haven't figured out the requisite knots. Lost more fish than I should have to unraveling unis and blood knots in fluoro.
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