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My heart goes out. However, I will be honest, MD is not exactly a trout fishing Mecca which is why I mentioned PA. Having grown up in Upstate NY MD was a letdown on the trout fishing. The Smallie fishing was great as the spring Shad fishing rounded out my year. You can also look for some brookies in VA up in the mountains and there are some smaller streams up in Howard county that have some and holdover browns. Get a good topo map and do a little hunting and hiking.

I'm having the same experience here in Oregon for Steelhead so I know what you're going through. My plans are to head for the salt when I get back East in August. It's something that I didn't have on my roadmap but now am eager to try.

Keep an eye on the DNR site also. Not to say to follow the stocking trucks ('cause that's akin to fishing with dynamite) but it has the occasional lead which may be useful.

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