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RE:Saltwater Tippet Question

For saltwater I'm very simple and probably "wrong" but it seems to work for me. I use a 40# butt section attached to the line with a nailless nail knot. At the end of the butt I make a loop and to that I attach my tippet which is almost always 20# florocarbon. I like the heavy tippet because it allows me to bring the small ones in quick and fresh and it is always there when I need it for a bigger fish. Plus if 20# floro is supposed to be invisible how can 15# be more invisible?

On my 7 weight I use a furled (I may have that name wrong) leader (it's like braided but not) and I just love it. I have had it for years and it turns over beautifully!

On my 4 weight I have just been using whatever knotless tapered leader the store happens to have.

I haven't a clue what a bimini is.
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