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RE:Saltwater Tippet Question

where did the tippet break when you lost the fish, at the fly or at the connection of 10 lb. to 20 lb., and how did you connect them? I ask because I probably wouldn't trust a blood knot between 10 lb. and 20 lb. The diameter disparity and florocarbon kind of begs for slippage to occur.

For years I have used the following leader setup:

4' of 40 lb. looped at both ends
4' of tippet with the first 18" bimini twist, in either 8, 12, or 16 lb.

I like the bimini for the spring effect as well, especially on the smaller tippet classes.

All that being said, I am switching to tapered setups this year for my intermediate lines. I tied some over the weekend when I should have been fishing with you at the Clave. I did 40-30-20-16; 30-20-16-12; and 30-20-16-8 (still put a bimini in the 8). I am going to see how they turn the flies over and adjust accordingly. I was getting by fine with the old setup, so I expect this can't be any worse and will probably be better.

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