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1st trip to Baja...

Looking for some in put from some Baja veterans in regards to tackle, flies, etc. This October, I make my first trip to Baja, going w/ some co-workers who've gone 8-40 times... But most w/ out flyrods...
Fishing around La Paz. Will be there the 13-21st of October. daily itinerary is morning through early afternoon out on the blue water in Panga's and a buddy's boat, evenings on the beach fishing the surf.
I'm looking at the beach stuff for my primary flyfishing adventure (roosterfish, plus what ever else is found in that water), but am also interested in some lighter blue water stuff (dolphin/mahi mahi, etc.).
right now, I have an 8 wt. 9 1/2' Sage RPL that I use for my annual Texas redfish trips, as well as coho pursuits in alaska and washington. Am getting the feeling that's undergunning for most of the fishing, so am looking at building a 10 1/2' Beulah switch rod, thinking the 9/10 wt. Thoughts?? other recommendations?
what are my rod needs given my proposal? what lines do I want to have (shooting head systems? intermediate lines? floaters?)? Fly recommendations???
Thanks for your help!!!
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