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I fish S/A, Rio and Wulff bonefish lines. I like them all.

As far as the comments on S/A, I have to respectfully disagree bonehead - perhaps you got a faulty line? Mine casts wonderfully with the taper Bruce Richards developed and floats fine. The color is great against the sky and I've been very comfortable with all types of casts from quickfire roll casts and snake rolls to head-length reactionary shots to long aerialized reaching casts over flats to distant cruisers, no problems at all.

Even if it did sink slightly under the surface film it's common knowledge that adhesion on the surface film on calm bright days spooks bonefish, I have experienced this first-hand and know it's absolutely true. However I have not had a sinking problem with this line.

The Wulff has the most well-behaved front taper, all Wulff lines seem to have that smooth turnover. While fishing Acklins with Bill Kessler, it was clear his Wulff line was a pleasure to cast and he sung it's praises which led me to order one. I was pleasantly surprised.

I fished the Rio the year before and found it to be a very assertive taper that bites through wind and shoots effortlessly for long casts. It needed some stretching to start the day, but bonefish lines often do.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of these lines, I ended up owning all three for my three bonefish weight rods.
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