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Now here's an understatement!

"It is an even more difficult river for kids, because the wading can be a serious challenge, and short stature can be a significant disadvantage."

The North Umpqua is THE toughest river to wade I've ever experienced. The bottom (in the main) is flat, highly pollished, HARD lava sheets. Regular studded boots will slide right off of it ... NO KIDDING . For footing you need something like 'Stream Cleats' that have soft alum. bars on the bottom. This WILL stick on the bottom where nothing else will.

The other thing is the optical qualities of the water itself. Again, like nothing I've ever seen before. You have NO idea how deep the water is in front of you so bring a wading staff. This will help you stay 'up-right' and give you a 'prob' to test the water debth before you take that extra (PLUNK ) step forward.
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