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When the new Mastery lines were first introduced (maybe four years ago now?) they had a thin running line. After a bunch of complaints about them, the running line diameter was increased slightly. More recently, however, they switched back to the former dimension (from my understanding it was at Bruce Richards' insistence). If they've switched again it must have been very recently. What I've been told by my contacts at SA is if a customer wants a heavier running line I should sell him the Mastery Redfish line. Evidently, there are several features of this line that make it more suitable for bonefishing than the Mastery Bonefish for many anglers. Since I now lead my customers toward the Rio (especially the 2006 version which is not nearly as wiry) and the Monic (the Tropical Opaque is still the best bonefish line I've ever used) I can't comment on the usefullness of the Mastery Redfish, but it might be worth checking out.
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