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OK I get the message, ditch the shooting heads. Will do.

BTW, I noticed people seem down on SA bonefish lines but reading their latest blurb it seems that they've been paying attention. Supposed to have a thicker running line, longer belly and rear taper plus a heavier front end for quicker loading and wind. Has anyone tried this version?

About floaters sinking after a few uses. Well we've all heard about water wicking up the braided core and I know I've been a bit skeptical about this as a cause. I've tried sealing some wth glue but no joy (the glue probably cracked afterward). Recently I've been fishing with an Airflo WF-5-F Ridge line that comes with factory loops molded in. Guess what, no tip sink at all. Best floating trout line I've ever used and Airflo doesn't have exactly the best rep when it comes to trout lines. From now on I'm heat sealing the ends of all of my new floaters before they ever get wet.

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