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Well, went fishing again today, armed with my new technique of keeping the rod vertical on the forecast. Worked ok-ish, landed perfectly straight and gentle a few times, though not always.

After an hour or two though, the lake owner came over and had a quick chat, asking how I was doing and what fly I was using etc. After admitting Im still new to the whole fly fishing sport, this being my 5th time fishing, he offered me some casting tips. Apparently I was doing it all with my wrist, and that I should keep my wrist locked. He gave me a quick demo of how I was doing it, and how it should be done - keeping my wrist locked throughout, keeping my elbow down against my side, and using quick short movements from 10 o'clock to 2.
He then left me to have a go at putting what he showed me into practice, and I will say, I was shooting the line much more successfully. My only concern is the fly can come quite close to my face on the backcast, if I leave the line a little while too long! But thats what the sunglasses are there for I guess =) - and the baseball cap ;D

Even though it was only a small 1.5 acre catch-and-release lake, there was a little hut with tea making facilities and such, and it turns out the guy is a casting tutor, so Im gonna put some thought into asking him for an hour of tuition - only costs 5 afterall!

He also gave me some intruction on how to fish the lake... and loaned me a full sinking line since I only have a sink tip and floater! Nice guy. His technique and the fly he gave me proved deadly. On my third cast I hooked a frikin monster... at first it felt like about a 1.5lb trout, then WHOOSH he took off and took my leader with him - 6lb fluorocarbon snapped just like that. It was terrifying, lol, he pulled easily twice as hard as the 2.5lb rainbow I landed, which is my record at the mo. He yanked the line out of my grip as I was pulling him in. As I said, absolutely terrifying! Well, atleast Ill be more prepared for such a big fish next time =D

Overall, a good day fishing, and hopefully a further improvement to my casting =)

Again, thanks for all the tips and such, has been helpful! I know it wasnt easy to offer advice when you cant see what Im doing, so thank yee all =)
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