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Juro touched on the reason why the shooting head would be limiting, but didn't expound on it. From a boat, many bonefish casts will be 50-70'. I can't tell you how many times I've made a 60' cast and had the guide say, "Now pick it up and put it ten feet to the right." That borders on being impossible with many of today's bonefish lines that have short rear tapers and running lines not much thicker than a flyline type running line for a shooting head system. If you have to strip back in twenty feet of line to make that second cast the bones are gone. I quit using SA Mastery Bonefish tapers because of the thin running lines and have given up on several other lines for the same reason. On a 60' cast you'll have between 45' and 50' of line on the water. If you can't pick that up without stipping in any line your guide will probably ask you to use his gear. A thicker running line means you give up a little in extreme distance. However, accuracy is far more important than distance as is the ability to recast without stripping in line. Thicker running lines also tangle far less frequently. By all means bring a shooting head system along if you choose, but bring a spare spool/reel with a true bonefish line that has a fairly long rear taper and a reasonably thick running line. I can almost assure you that by day 2 you'll be glad you brought it.
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