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Thanks Sean

I do realize that I'd just be using a floater and that the quick change aspect of shooting heads offers no advantage. Rather, I'm thinking more about the short cast / quick load vs. long cast problem. I have a 32' shooting head for freshwater use for my current 8 wt. that I cut out of salmon DT-9-F. Being proportionately heavier vs. a standard WF-8-F, it loads quickly but the 12' front taper turns over very nicely without a lot of smackdown. It's capable of good distance as well. I wouldn't use this head in the tropics as it would be turned to mush by the heat but something similar to it in a tropical line might work as a head.

Smooth landings can be controlled by the shooting head angler if the loop is opened up, less energy applied and/or a bit finger tip drag applied to the running line as it shoots out. Doesn't matter the species, if you're casting to wary fish, you want the cast to run out of gas above the water, just as the fly turns over and then settle down, rather than drive it into the water carrying a lot of velocity.

Thanks to the elevation in a boat, it's pretty easy to make single speyish looking cast with a head that'll turn over nice and easily out to 40' or 50' without a lot of splash. Accuracy would be a challenge but that distance is easily achievable in a single motion.
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