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I was thinking of getting some tuition, but I aint sure where its available in my area. Ill have to look into it... its possible they give tuition at a reservoir nearby where I live.

For now though, ive found a temporary solution so making the line shoot straight. Ive changed my casting so that on the forward cast, i hold the rod as vertical as possible, and kind of bring the handle of the rod down towards my chest area, rather than just moving my hand horizontally... hard to explain. Basically though, instead of keeping the rod t an angle during the whole false casting and final cast, I now backcast with the rod at whatever angle I want, but then forward cast vetically. The result is that the loop on the forward cast in nicely vertical - instead of the loop being at an angle -, and lands straight. Now I just need to try it out on some water this weekend, to see if I still get the splash with this method. If so I guess Im putting too much power into the final cast.

I will have to try and observe other anglers too, to see if this method is normal, but Im pretty sure its not, could be wrong though.

But hey, even if its not normal, if it works for me until I can get some tuition then its all good!
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