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Hi, TjP

If you are really frustrated by your progress so far and really want to become a proficient caster (as it would appear you do), get tuition.

This is not to undervalue the excellent tips given above. It's just easier to have someone hold your hand, quite literally, to show you how it's done rather than read, digest, and attempt to execute written instructions.

Find a recommended and endorsed fly-casting instructor. Don't go to an instructor than hasn't been recommended by persons whose advice you trust. Just because a teacher is qualified as an instructor doesn't mean he or she can teach. I took Spey casting lessons from a well-known instructor and the only help he gave me was to tell me I was doing it all wrong.

I taught myself to fly-cast.

It was a huge mistake.

I have spent fifty years trying to correct the wrong muscle memories I've built up through my trial years. I'm still far from a good caster, but I feel if I'd started out right, I would be OK now and not just a mediocre duffer.

Remember: Practice makes perfect for some, but practice makes permanent, also.

Get good, qualified professional help. It will pay off in the long run (and fly-fishing is for life).

My .02,

-- Eric

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