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OK -

Let's slow down a minute. There are so many excellent points above but this can go two ways - (1) we provide many suggestions and you choose the ones which fit or (2) we address specific concerns and problems as determined.

(1) we are already well on our way and (2) requires specific details about the problems you want to resolve, one at a time. This is difficult at best in a bulletin board without a video clip. But we've done it several times with focused description of what's going wrong.

I think we resolved the most obvious issue, which as Eric pointed out best was a lack of a leader on the flyline. However as some point out above it's certainly not everything, just step #1.

Now let's see if we can move ahead...

You mentioned 'curvy line and splash' also a lessened hook in the cast. Are these the key issues you have remaining after adding an appropriate leader?

Sounds to me like you are losing the line tension somewhere thru the cast. This can be caused by a number of things but the most common are:

- stroke timing, getting ahead or behind the cadence of the line's load/unload sequence

- using arm power to compensate for tracking problems especially with men casters, in other words the rod tip is not traveling in a plane so energy is lost, and the arm uses extra power to compensate to power it thru the inefficiencies of a curved path

- hinging from too much running line beyond the tip (thin line can't cast thick)

Ooops! I've reverted to multiple choice again.

Well I will stop there and let you describe specific nuances you'd like to debug -or- post a video clip which is by far the more definitive way to get what you seek.

Or perhaps hire a FFF certified casting instructor or recruit a friend who's casting you admire to help you in person.
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