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I agree with Juro on the choice of a 9wt rod. Its important to remember that the selection of rod weight has more to do with the size and weight of the fly or if you're using a shooting head, then it does with the size of the fish that you're hoping to catch.

Fishing for stripers and bluefish sometimes involves throwing some pretty bulky flies and quite often a sinking line. You'll appreciate having the 9wt a lot more. If it was a question of fish size, you would never need to use a 10wt rod on stripers or bluefish, but sometimes you need to use a rod of that size just to throw a sinking line and a 8-10" long slab fly.

The best thing to do is to try a few rods at a shop before you make your decision to buy. All shops should let you cast a rod a few times before you make a decision, if not, try another shop.

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