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Originally Posted by beau purvis
I like seeing them in Wyoming also.But to make a differnce,would you like seeing them everywhere in WY

Of course I don't want to see them everywhere, but the fact is I DO like seeing them in my backyard. It's a sign of true progress. I see it not only as environmentally sound practice but potentially economically helpful for my community. I see wind harvesting as a great alternative for small time ranchers who can't compete with corporate beef. These ranchers should be able to plant these things and supplement their income, instead of selling their land so Billy and Joanne Cityfolk can have their ranchette/"nature" experience.

I do feel your pain in losing one of your favorite hunting/wildlife viewing areas. Some of my favorite streams/mushroom hunting grounds from childhood were destroyed by clearcutting. At least your land/whitetail still exist. You have to at least have solace in that?

As far as comparing the intrusiveness of turbines to well pads, I couldn't disagree more. I view renewable energy extractors as less intrusive (by their very nature they don't intrude as deeply into the earth as any pumpjack) and more aesthetically pleasing than fossil fuel energy extractors.

Being from Oregon (my old home state), you have to love that the Columbia Gourge is turning into a wind mine. Now if we can just harvest enough energy from the turbines to make those damn dams obsolete, then we could all be bonking salmon till our arms can't lift a priest.

The real problem is that we need a lot (I can't stress A LOT enough) energy for our everyday conveniences and the old reliable energy sources are almost gone. Wind is one of the greatest alternative. With that said there are other amazing alternatives too. For example, I bet in Texas that if everybody had solar panels on their home there wouldn't be as many wind turbines cluttering up fine hunting lands.

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