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Tis reassuring to hear you say that ^^

But as for the leader being broken down into the 3 section you talk of... thats beyond me. I think maybe we do it differently here in the UK, either that or just my uncle, who has taught me the basics, uses a different method for the leader.

Basically I use a single length of leader connecting the line and fly. At the mo, Im using 6lb fluorocarbon for my leader, and just taking a 8-9ft length of that and tying it on to my line, then putting a single fly at the other end. This is the only way ive been taught.

From that, I can put extra flies on droppers, though until I get better at casting Im using a single fly to avoid tangles in my leader.

The flurocarbon leader material comes on a 50M spool, so I dont think its tapered at all.
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