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Shooting Straight?

Hey folks, first post around here - of many, dont you worry . Was hoping to get some tips.

Ive started fly fishing this season, got myself my own rod and kit. Managed to get a Hardy Swift 9ft6 #7 on ebay for less than half the RRP, cause it had been used once or twice. As for experience, Ive been fishing ohh... 3 times now. Managed to catch a rainbow on each outing Rubbish compared to you guys who probably get full bags each time, but since I noly just started, I figured that was not bad =)

My problem, though, is with my casting.

I practice my casting a lot - every day, several short sessions - on my lawn, but when I shoot the line the end whips around at the end, rather than landing straight as I think it should? Basically, I end up with a curve of about 90 to the left, consisting of the last 6ish feet of line. I should mention I practice with line only, no leader and ofcourse no fly, since Im on my lawn.

Ive no doubt my casting technique is terrible, but I cant pinpoint what Im doing that causes the line to curl at the end like this. The only sure way ive found of getting rid of the problem, is keeping my rod dead vertical when I false cast, and finally shoot. But this cant be right because I see so many anglers with their rods held at an angle while casting, and they get perfect, dead straight and gentle presentation.

On the water, with a leader of around 9-10ft, its the leader that then adopts this curl at the end, though I think the line may curl a bit also - I will pay more attention when I go fishing tomorrow!

Sorry for blabbing on there.

Basically, when I cast the line out, it lands on the grass - or water - with a curl at the end, to the left. I hold the rod with my right hand, also, encase thats important.

So, any ideas? Its quite annoying that my younger cousin can cast straight (thought not as far! ;D) and I cant!

Any helps or tips would be appreciated, cheers!
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