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Rocks o Magnolia

Went up to the rocks on the shore of Magnolia for some fathers day fishing. I accompanied my sons best friends dad. This was his turf and chunking was his game. I brought the long wand and was the only one FF for a change. The 30' shelf was hard to get beyond with a flyline. And, to make matters worse, you need a QD to get down to the strike zone, but if you use it, the back part gets hung up on the shelf. So after a while I decided to do as the Romans do and give the chunks a try. God did I smell afterward. Herring slime. Reminded me of Lobster bait barrels! Well, my heart wasn't in it but it was enjoyable to try. Basically, every 20 mins. or so someone would pull in a 25" striper and slide him up the rocks out of the surf. I eventually switched back to flies and put on the smallest deceiver I could find to play with the Pollack. The coast is thick with them it seems. I got one that was about 1 1/2 lbs. When the big stripers drop out of the estuaries (end of herring run) they will find plenty of them to eat.
My observation about chunking is that you loose 80% of the sensations you get while SWFF. You just don't tune in to things. It's fine for those who don't know any better but there is so much more to be had. Still fun to be fishing though. We also took a ride through Gloucester which is a buzz over "The Perfect Storm" business.

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