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Trolling Motors

My previous boat had a trolling motor on it and it was a Motor Guide. Also, I couldn't fish without one. If I were you and you are serious about fishing I would definitely make the investment. As of what I've learned over the many years of boating with trolling here's a couple of things I would recommend:
  • Go with a 24V system, they are much more efficient due to less current draw for the same output (less I^2R losses).
  • Get an on board charger, just plug it in at the end of the day and forget about it.
  • Make sure you have a harness professionally made or, if you choose to DIY, then make shore you use tinned wire and soldered connections.
  • Use no other than Marinco plugs/connectors.
  • Get as long a shaft as possible for the simple reason that you don't want the prop head clearing the water in a chop when the bow is bobbing up and down.
  • Install an in-deck on/off switch, this will allow for hands free operation without having to go to the unreliable remote controlled models.
  • Get a Bounce Buster if going with Motor Guide, its a simple device from Motor Guide that stabilizes the head when underway and saves the motor from excessive vibration.

I know a lot of people are anti-trolling motor for whatever reason but the simple fact that it allows the captain more fishing time is worth every penny!
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