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You might also consider buying an 8 wt vs 9. It's a common issue for a beginning SW flyrodder to buy a 9 or 10 wt rod and get disheartened when there dreams of constant 30" fish turn into the reality of 12-20" fish (on average. ) An 8 wt is easier on the arm to cast ( even a pair of 1/0 streamers) , and make MUCH better sport out of those schoolies. It will also handle those 30-36" bass no problem when they show up.
FWIW, I do the 70-80% of my SW FF with 7 and 8 wts (sometimes overlined). I only go to a 9 or 10 when deep water fishing from a boat and /or heavy currents/surf conditions demand.
In addition, a 8 wt makes a NICE bass bugging rod should you decide to venture in that direction.
FWIW, TFO gets my vote of those mentioned but I admittedly don't chase "the perfect rod" any more so am not up to everything offered in today market. I've got a dozen and half SW rods from all kinds of makers left over from my quest. I've pretty much settled on a few (inexpensive) favorites. I've learned it's best to try before you buy. It's also best to shop without reguard to brand name and /or cost bracket. You'll be surprised on how little difference you my find between some $150 'beginner rods" and the mid/high priced name brands. Buy and fish what feels good to you ,vs depending on advice (including mine! )
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